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Theme: TBA
Entries Open: October 2023
Specifications: An original 2 minute song about the theme. Write your own tune or use one of these two tunes provided: Tune 1 | Tune 2

The Harmony Day Song Writing Competition is open to school students in all schools in Australia. Entries are based on the student’s school year for 2023.

Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

*Primary (Year K – 6), Secondary (Year 7 – 12)

    • Competition Winner: Secondary & Primary $500 each
    • Competition Runner-up: Secondary & Primary $250 each


  • This competition is open to all Primary and Secondary School students in Australia.
  • Songs can be written by more than one In such a case, any prize(s) awarded will be shared equally between the songwriters.
  • Songs do not have to be performed by the songwriter(s), but the performer must be enrolled in a school in Australia at the time of recording. The performer, if he or she is not the songwriter, does not qualify for a prize.

Prizes are awarded in two categories – Secondary (Year 7 – Year 12) and Primary (K -Year 6). In each category the following prizes are awarded:

Competition Winner                                $500
Competition runner up                           $250

The following information describes how to enter the Harmony Day Song Writing Competition (‘Competition’). By entering the Competition each entrant agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.

  • The lyrics for the song must be original
  • Lyrics must express the theme of the 2023 competition “Living in Harmony”, but do not have to incorporate these exact words
  • Songs can be created by individuals or groups. In such a case, any prize(s) awarded will be shared equally between the songwriters.
  • You can either choose to write your own tune or use one of the two tunes that you can download below. Simply click on the hyperlink and download the tune to your device

Tune 1                        Tune 2

These tunes have been composed by Ms JULIE SIMONDS, manager of the Music Program at the Conservatorium High School.

  • If lyrics can be set to original music you will not be judged on the music you write, only the lyrics
  • Songs may not be more than 2 minutes long
  • A recording of a performance of your lyrics to the accompanying tune must be made and Songs do not have to be performed by the songwriter(s), but the performer must be enrolled in a school in Australia at the time of recording. The performer, if he or she is not the songwriter, does not qualify for a prize.
  • While the quality of the recording will not be a part of the judging criteria, songs must be clearly audible to the judges
  • The judges may reject any entry that they consider to contain inappropriate language or sentiments
  • Enter using the online entry form HERE
  • When entering, you will be asked to upload the recording of your song in MP3 format and the lyrics in a Word or PDF document. These files must be named as follows:
    • The recording of a performance of the song in MP3 format. Name the file yourname.mp3 (eg RobertLalas.mp3)
    • The song’s lyrics in Word or pdf. Name the file yourname.docx (eg RobertLalas.docx)
  • To enter the Competition, entrants must follow the directions on the entry form
  • There is no entry fee to enter the Harmony Day songwriting competition
  • All entries must be received no later than Friday 8 April 2023 or such later date as the judges may determine, to be eligible for judging

In the case of multiple students entering a single song each student’s name needs to be on a separate line in the registration form.

  • A panel of judges, consisting of music educators and experienced musicians, will be appointed by the Harmony Day Song Writing Competition Committee to judge the competition
  • The judges’ decisions on all matters in connection with the Competition will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • When judging the songs, the judges will be considering the following:
    • Originality
    • Expression of the theme of the competition
    • Imagery used
    • Suitability of the lyrics to the tune

The prize winners will be advised of their success once the judging has been completed and the prize winners, together with a limited number of guests, will be invited to the prize giving function that will be held in NSW Parliament House in June.

Winning entrants will be asked to perform their song at the prize giving ceremony or have it performed by another student.

For the removal of doubt, entrants will retain copyright and other intellectual property rights in any song entered by them in the Competition, however as a condition of entry in the competition, the owner of such works grants a perpetual licence to Moving Forward Together Foundation which entitles them to use or reproduce the works in promoting their cause and to edit the work for publication/broadcast/narrowcast (for example – may be shortened to fit a smaller time slot).

By entering the Competition, the entrant agrees to comply with these rules and to be bound by them

The Contest organiser assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen, delayed, damaged, illegible, incomplete, postage due or misdirected entries, or for any problems or technical malfunction  or any telephone network or lines, computer on-line systems, servers, access providers, computer equipment, software failure or any entry to be received or transmitted, congestion on the internet or at any website, or any combination thereof including any injury or damage to an entrants or any other person’s computer related to or resulting from using or downloading any material in the contest. By entering this Contest, entrants agree that The Contest Organiser and its members, directors, and other groups supporting the competition, are not liable for any loss or damage of any kind to the entrant or any other person in connection with this Contest or participation in any Contest related activities, including but not limited to the use or misuse of a prize or any portion of a prize including personal injury or property damage. The Contest Organiser reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify, cancel or suspend this Contest or any part of it should external circumstances arise which are beyond the reasonable control of the Contest Organiser. The Contest Organiser is not responsible for any errors or omissions in printing or advertising this Contest. This Contest will run in accordance with these Contest Rules, subject to amendment by the Contest Organiser. The competition Organiser may reject entries that it considers inappropriate for any reason.

All inquiries related to the competition should be emailed to song@movingforwardtogether.org.au

The Contest Organiser is committed to a strict privacy policy. It will not share any personal data about entrants with any other party, without the consent of the parent, teacher, program manager or guardian. The Contest Organiser collects personal information for the purposes of registration, program evaluation and to keep you informed about the contest.