Harmony Day Song Writing Competition

2018 Theme: Growing Together In Harmony

For NSW and ACT Primary and Secondary Schools

Entry Form [xls] | Release Form [doc] (Both to be printed out, completed and emailed in with song entry)

This year the song competition has changed.  Instead of writing your own tune, you can choose to write your own lyrics to one of the two tunes that you can download below.  These tunes have been composed by Ms JULIE SIMONDS, manager of the Music Program at the Conservatorium High School.  You can choose to write your own tune, but it will be judged by the lyrics only.


The following information describes how to enter the Harmony Day Song Writing Competition (‘Competition’).
By entering the Competition each entrant agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.


Songs must express and incorporate the words of the theme of the 2018 competition “Growing Together in Harmony”

  • The lyrics for the song must be original. The lyrics can be set to one of the two tunes supplied below.  Simply click on the hyperlink and download the tune to your device

Tune 1                   Tune 2

  • You can also download a hard copy of the music

Tune 1                  Tune 2

  • The lyrics can be set to original music; however, you will not be judged on the music you write, only the lyrics
  • A recording of a performance of your lyrics to the accompanying tune must be made and submitted
  • While the quality of the recording will not be a part of the judging criteria, songs must be clearly audible to the judges.
  • The judges may reject any entry that they consider to contain inappropriate language or sentiments.


One division only: Years K – 12

1st Prize $500

2nd Prize $300

3rd Prize $150


  • This competition is open to all Primary and Secondary School students in NSW and ACT.
  • Songs do not have to be performed by the songwriter(s), but the performer must be enrolled in a school in NSW at the time of recording.  The performer, if he or she is not the songwriter, does not qualify for a prize. Lyrics can be written by more than one person. In such a case, any prize(s) awarded will be shared equally between the songwriters.

Submission of Entries

  • Entries must be submitted by email
  • Your entry MUST consist of:
  1. A recording of a performance of the song in MP3 format.  Please name the file yourname.mp3 (eg RobertLalas.mp3)
  2. The song’s lyrics in Word. Please name the file yourname.mp3 (eg RobertLalas.docx)
  3. This completed entry form.  Please name the file yourname.xls (eg RobertLalas.xls)
  4. A scanned signed copy of the release form. Please name the file yourname.pdf (eg RobertLalas.pdf)
  • All of the above must be attached to an email (or more than one email if the files are too large) and sent to: song@movingforwardtogether.org.au
  • To enter the Competition, entrants must follow the directions on the entry form [xls]
  • There is no entry fee.
  • All entries must be received no later than Friday 6 April 2018 or such later date as the judges may determine, to be eligible for judging in the Competition.
  • For the removal of doubt, entrants will retain all copyright and other intellectual property rights in any song entered by them in the Competition.


  • A panel of judges, consisting of music educators and experienced musicians, will be appointed by the Harmony Day Song Writing Competition Committee to judge the Competition.
  • The judges’ decisions on all matters in connection with the Competition will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • When judging the songs, the judges will be considering the following:
    • Originality
    • Expression of the theme of the competition
    • Imagery used
    • Suitability of the lyrics to the tune