About the Harmony Walk

Building an inclusive society

Harmony Walk is an initiative of the Moving Forward Together Association, a not-for-profit association committed to creating a better understanding among all sectors of the community.


Harmony Walk seeks to bring together Australians from diverse national, ethnic and religious backgrounds to help build an inclusive society, and to acknowledge and celebrate the enduring principles of fairness, harmony and respect.


  • Encourage respect for national, ethnic and religious difference, while promoting adherence to Australian laws and values
  • Overcome discrimination, intolerance and violence
  • Identify and address community tensions that can give rise to conflict
  • Support Australia‚Äôs international reputation for assisting those who have suffered in wars, terrorism and conflict
  • Nurture a broad social conscience, where individuals have rights, but also responsibilities to others
  • Facilitate education and networking across the nation and among communities to help promote acceptance and understanding

Videos Of The Inaugural Walk Held on 21 October 2012

The SBS Community Service Announcement


Video of the Walk


SBS Coverage


ABC Coverage